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Muscle Bear Model Photos, Zurich Switzerland, BearPhotographer.com

muscle bears models


 muscle bear photos, Zurich Switzerland, BearPhotographer.com



muscle bear models photographed by BearPhotographer



I'm a bear photographer near Zurich Switzerland, in the center of Europe let's realize your very personal bear photo shooting session in a friendly and professional atmosphere making photo shooting easy and fun. 

If you are a muscled hairy man, let's get in contact for your own personal photo session. The result will be exceptional male pictures expressing your very personal kind of masculinity. Details and contact here on my site.


here some samples of my work:

muslcebears in jock starps in bath house news & more here the coast of Corsica all nude

muscle men in jocks


coast of Corsica - nude

handsome bear in Prague symbiosis of the two muscle bears muscle bears at the meet factory museum in Prague

handsome bear Prague

muscle bear symbiosis 

musclebears Meetfactory

bears at Stammbar in Brussels muscle bears in harmoy sexy bears at Brussel's bear bar

bears at Stammbar-1

muscle bears harmony

at Brussels bear bar


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